Traveler´s Choice Luggage Review

I´ll be the first to say it- I like to travel in style. I´m still waiting on the days where ¨traveling in style¨means flying in my private jet, but for now I´m content with simply having aesthetically pleasing and good quality luggage. 

It was December when I found out I would be going abroad for the summer for an internship program, which was perfect timing, because I got several travel related gifts, one of those being a gorgeous three piece luggage set from Traveler´s choice (shout out to my amazing older brother)

My older brother´s gift giving style involved me sending him a link to what I wanted, and then him telling me that he´d found something better (this is typical Jon Bell behavior). But I´m grateful, because while I was thinking purely style, he was thinking style, functionality, and reliability, which resulted in my owning a really great set of suitcases. 

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Not pictured here: The third medium sized suitcase

Not pictured here: The third medium sized suitcase

This is the Traveler’s Choice Sedona 8-Wheels Polycarbonate Hardside Expandable Spinner 3-Piece Luggage Set, Red. We elected to purchase my particular set off of Amazon in the interest of getting 2-day shipping, but it is of course available on their website as well. 

We chose red because it was different. Most luggage is black or grey. A bright red like this stands out which makes it easier to collect from the baggage claim, and can also dissuade luggage thieves. I´m not a luggage thief, but if I were I wouldn´t steal something so conspicuous. 

In addition to not really being a desirable color to steal, this set also has locks on the zippers, which is an amazing feature. 



It did take me a little bit of finessing to figure out how the locks worked, buuuuuut I also could have just read the very detailed instructions :) 

Because I don´t do as much traveling as I would like, I was extremely behind the curve on luggage technology.  My last suitcase before this was pretty basic and did not have, what is perhaps my favorite feature of these suitcases; wheels that roll in any direction.  While this is not necessarily a must for luggage, when I was running down 44th Avenue in NYC trying to catch the shuttle to the airport, I was really grateful for easing rolling luggage. 



Each suitcase also has zip up dividers on the inside, and are expandable for when you just have to fit those last twenty items into your suitcase. 


I knew that they looked nice when they first arrived, there was no question about that, but now that they´ve been broken in a little bit, I can definitely say that this Traveler´s Choice set was a great choice. Not only for style, but reliability and quality. My only lament is that the exterior can get a damaged a little easier than fabric suitcases. The baggage claim system was a little rough on my larger piece and as a result it has a few barely detectable scratches on it. With that being said, I am still very pleased with these suitcases and give them a solid nine out of ten.